Welcome to World2XP

World2XP is a project I started for the X-Plane 10 flight simulator back in 2014. The idea was to enable a way for users to contribute and create scenery using OpenStreetMap data and to be able to have that scenery show up in the simulator. I created a tool called World2XPlane that would convert OpenStreetMap data into scenery that could be dropped into the simulator and used alongside ortho/aerial photos to create a realistic landscape.

The tool has proved to be very popular and has been used my numerous people to create large scale regions for X-Plane. Some projects that use World2XPlane are Simheaven and US Real World West. There are several more available in the dedicated World2XPlane section and forum located over at X-Plane.org

Although I no longer develop or support the OpenStreetMap convertor tool, I’ve expanded and developed a large toolset from it that I’ve used to create various regional sceneries from non-OSM data:

I’ve also created some small detailed airports that you can find on this site and I hope that they will enhance your simulator experience.

This site is a place for me to publish new sceneries, articles, development posts and that may be of interest to scenery developers and simmers for our current batch of flight simulators  (X-Plane, FSX, FSW, P3D and Aerofly FS 2).

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