Hamar Airport, Norway (ENHA)

Hamar Airport, Stafsberg (Norwegian: Hamar flyplass, Stafsberg), ENHA is a general aviation airport located at Stafsberg in Hamar, Norway, approximately 30NM north of Oslo. It features a 944-by-23-meter (3,097 by 75 ft) runway aligned 15–33.

The airport is located in an area with very stable climate and good flying conditions and is a popular GA location, regularly used for events, helicopter training and general aviation. It is also home to the Hedmark Flying club and the HAGL skydiving club.

This is a highly detailed airport with all buildings and ground textures produced to be as accurate as possible. The airfield also includes custom vegetation, people (some are animated) and lots of small details to give life to the airfield. All the main buildings on and near to the airfield have been modeled as accurately as possible. It also includes hand painted ground textures for the airport grounds at a resolution of approximately 5cm/per pixel.


This is a fully custom self-contained scenery and there are no dependencies required.

Although this is a small airfield, there is a large amount of detail, and I recommend that you have at least a 1GB graphics card (2GB+ if using with Norway Pro). If using along with UHD Mesh, you will need at least 16GB of RAM for good performance. Enabling texture compression can improve performance and should generally be enabled unless you have a large amount of video RAM.


Drop this folder into your Custom Scenery folder of X-Plane. Although it should just work, make sure that the scenery has a higher priority than other scenery in the area, especially Norway Pro by checking your scenery_packs.ini file.

Make sure you are using X-Plane 10.50 or greater.

The airport can be found by searching for Hamar or the ICAO code ENHA in the airport search screen.

This airport has no library requirements and should work out of the box.

To download, please navigate to: ENHA Hamar Stafsberg

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